Biomechanics & Gait Analysis Process

Movement and Mobility Screen:

The Movement & Mobility Screen is your assessment to discover:

  • Foot Posture Alignment
  • Muscular Balance
  • Joint Range of Motion
  • Static Postural Control
  • Dynamic Movement Patterns

Gait Analysis:

The gait analysis involves recording your movement patterns while you walk and/or run tospecifically identify excessive or atypical movement patterns.

The Foot Scan:

The Foot Scan will analyse your gait using the innovative pressure plate footscan® system. Using this data, the footscan® technology will generate a 3D design which can be adapted to your specific needs, using the advice of your expert.

The information from the 3D analysis, combined with your clinical assessment provides a comprehensive and complete analysis of your walking and running mechanics.

A 3D printer will then transform the design into ultralight insoles. Which will be finished with a shock-absorbing comfort layer.